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2024 Heirloom Tomato Varieties

The following varieties are available in limited supply on a first-come basis.

Use Key:  CA-canning  CO-cooking  D-drying  F-fresh

P-paste  R-roasting  S-sauce

Amish PasteA returning favorite! This plum variety originated in the late 1800s among the Amish community and is known for its rich flavor and versatility. CA/F/P/S 

Photo: seedsavers.org

Eva Purple BallBelieved to have originated in Germany’s Black Forest in the late 1800s, Eva Purple Ball is a sweet, tender, and juicy variety 2-3” in diameter with a deep pink color. CA/F

Photo: victoryseeds.com

Golden JubileeFirst introduced in 1943, these high-yielding plants produce fruit that are a bright, golden-orange in color and are thick walled, meaty, low in acidity, and mild in flavor. A fantastic tomato for salads, slicing, processing and fresh eating! CO/F/R​ 

Photo: trueleafmarket.com

Granny CantrellThis meaty, beefsteak-type tomato is named after Lettie Cantrell, who received seeds from a soldier returning from Germany during World War II. Productive plants with large pinkish-red fruits. CA/CO/F

Photo: rareseeds.com


Japanese Black TrifeleA rare Russian heirloom variety. 4-6 oz. pear-shaped fruits are mahogany in color with a smoky, rich taste. Harvest when shoulders are still green for best flavor. Potato-leaf plants that are high producers. CA/F/R/S

Photo: johnnyseeds.com


Speckled RomanA contemporary heirloom with beautiful yellow streaking on long, red fruits. Meaty flesh with few seeds. Great tomato taste, ideal for processing and fresh eating. Very productive. CA/CO/F/S

Photo: seedsavers.org

Tommy ToeExceptionally vigorous plants yield hundreds of large red cherry tomatoes throughout the season. The superb flavor won it top billing over 100 other varieties in an Australian taste test. D/F/R

Photo: seedsavers.org

Wisconsin 55A superb tomato developed by the University of Wisconsin in 1946. Excellent all-purpose tomato, great for canning. CA/F/P/R/S

Photo: seedsavers.org

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