Heirloom Tomato Plant Member Thank You

Our 2023 Heirloom Tomato Plant Thank You has concluded. Become a member or check back to receive info next spring for our 2024's varieties.

All FNLPM memberscurrent and new—have the opportunity to receive a free heirloom tomato plant as a token of our appreciation for their support!
What is an heirloom tomato? In simple terms, it is a variety that is open-pollinated and shared through generations via saved seeds. They come in unique colors, shapes and sizes, and are very flavorful.

Plant Pick-up

  • Plants preordered by FNLPM members have been set aside and can be picked up at the New London Public Museum (406 S. Pearl Street, New London) during our Spring Friends Fest on Saturday, May 13, from 8 am to noon. (Preorders can also be picked up on Tuesday, May 16, from 1-3 pm.)
  • Members who did not preorder as well as new members may stop by during Spring Friends Fest to choose from the varieties available.


Become One of Our Newest Friends!

Become one of our newest Friends by May 13 and receive an heirloom tomato plant too! Click here to donate online or print a membership form.


Heirloom Tomato Plant Sale!

Additional heirloom tomato plants will be available for sale. Come early for best selection, just $3 each. Proceeds benefit FNLPM.

2023 Heirloom Tomato Varieties

The following varieties are available in limited supply on a first-come basis:

Bonnie Best—This famous old canning tomato introduced in 1908 by Walter P. Stokes seed house. One of the most respected canning varieties in America in the first half of the twentieth century. Medium-sized fruit is round, red, meaty and loaded with flavor. A good producer that makes a fine slicer too. 

Photo: rareseeds.com

Cherokee Purple —A pre-1890 variety with beautiful, deep, dusky purple-pink color, superb sweet flavor, and medium- to large-sized fruit. Try this one for real old-time tomato flavor. 

Photo: rareseeds.com

Cream Sausage—An elongated yellow variety with meaty flesh and mild flavor. Determinate, bushy plants are excellent for containers. Great for salsa and salads. 

Photo: trueleafmarket.com

Hungarian Heart—Brilliant reddish-pink oxheart type fruit is large—frequently exceeding one pound! Firm and meaty, they are great for paste, canning or fresh use. Originated outside of Budapest, Hungary, around 1900. 

Photo: rareseeds.com


Isis Candy—Delightful, round, one-inch fruit may vary in shades and blush patterns of reds to yellows, usually with golden flesh. Outstandingly sweet and fruity flavor. Kids adore them. 

Photo: trueleafmarket.com


Kellogg’s Breakfast—A beautiful orange beefsteak preserved by Darrell Kellogg, a railroad supervisor from Redford, Michigan. Flavorful and superbly sweet, this delicious heirloom originated in West Virginia. 

Photo: rareseeds.com

Sutton’s Peach Blow—Introduced in 1897 by the Sutton & Sons Seed Company of Reading, England. Fruit average about six ounces each and are pink in color mottled with hues of orange, red, and yellow. Their skins are firm, and although not fuzzy have a dull or matte appearance. Rich and sweet flavor with a tiny bit of tartness at the finish.

Thessaloniki—A Greek heirloom tomato introduced to the USA in the 1950's by Glecklers Seedsmen of Ohio. Exceptionally good yields of crack-free, red, 8-ounce globes that resist sun scald. Wonderful rich taste. Disease resistant.  

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