Heirloom Tomato Plant Thank You

As a token of our appreciation, FNLPM members have the opportunity to receive a free heirloom tomato plant!

What is an heirloom tomato? In simple terms, it is a variety that is open-pollinated and shared through generations via saved seeds. They come in unique colors, shapes and sizes, and are very flavorful.


  • Current FNLPM members who have not yet returned their order form can email friendsnlpm@gmail.com with their plant choice.
  • New FNLPM members can indicate their plant choice when they make their FNLPM membership gift online or by mail.


FNLPM members can pick up their free, pre-ordered plant or select one of the varieties still available at the New London Public Museum (406 S. Pearl Street, New London) on Saturday, May 7 (8 am to noon) or Tuesday, May 10 (1-3 pm). Additional heirloom tomato plants will be sold while supplies last with proceeds benefiting FNLPM.

2022 Heirloom Tomato Varieties

The following varieties are available in limited supply on a first-come basis:

Amish Paste—Bright red 8-12 oz. fruits are juicy and meaty, excellent for sauce or eating fresh. 


Black from Tula —This 8-12 oz. slicer has smoky, complex flavor and dark chocolate colored flesh. Believed to have originated from as a Ukrainian family heirloom.


Blondkopfchen—(aka “Little Blonde Girl”) East German variety. Clusters of 1” golden yellow fruits have an excellent sweet taste.


Green Zebra—Chartreuse with deep lime-green stripes. Flesh is bright green and very rich tasting, sweet with a sharp bite. A favorite tomato of chefs and specialty markets


Mortgage Lifter—Large 1 lb. pink fruit has a delicious, rich, sweet taste. Named by M.C. Byles after he sold plants for $1 each and paid off the $6000 mortgage on his house


Pineapple—Large yellow fruit has beautiful red marbling through its flesh with a flavor that is very sweet and fruity. Up to 2 lbs. each


Reisentraube—Old German heirloom with large clusters of sweet, 1” fruit with a rich, full tomato flavor.

Ukrainian Purple—Plum-shaped fruits are 3” to 4" long, weigh 6 oz. and are generally crack-free. Great flavor, sweet and meaty. Origins are in Ukraine.

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